About us


What do we mean by family owned? LippyLoo is a trading name of aMaizin Adventure Park, which is run by Kristina and Carlton, along with their daughter Chessie.


LippyLoo was established in 2020 following the turbulence of the global pandemic, its no secret that being a hospitality and tourism business at this time made 2020 one of our toughest business years in the park’s 20 years of trading.


However, we noticed that our retail shop was the only area of the business providing any amount of consistency, and so the idea to take our retail online was born!


With a shoe string budget and no experience whatsoever in web or graphic design, Chessie was tasked with the job of making it happen and so set to work designing the logo, branding, graphics and very site you’re scrolling today!


Our retail buying is a two (wo)man mother/daughter team, along with helpful suggestions from our colleagues, customers, family and friends. With Chessie being in her late 20’s and Kristina being in her nifty 50’s, we like to hope we buy for a varied array for age groups, styles and tastes... But between the two of us we cant always get it right 100% of the time, which is why we absolutely LOVE hearing from our customers about what they do and don’t like, or would love to see more of.


... Which leads us onto our favourite thing about LippyLoo since it began, the community! Whether or not you have bought from us yet, thank you so much for all your support: Be it words of kindness, shop visits, site visits, likes, shares, follows... We have been blown away by all the supportive feedback we have received, and can’t thank this community enough!


Anything else you’d like to know? Get in touch with us below 👇